Through this hands-on professional development opportunity, participants will learn to use the nationally distributed Creative Minds Out of School curriculum as a tool for teaching 21st century skills through visual arts education.  

This arts-based, project-based, inquiry-based curriculum introduces young people to the joy and wonder of viewing and creating art and capitalizes on children’s natural curiosity and readiness to create.

Participants will use the Creative Minds curriculum to support the development of children’s art understanding and extend school day learning through hands-on experiences.

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Curriculum Description

The Creative Minds curriculum is designed to foster each child’s confidence in his or her own creative abilities and respect for the creative abilities of others.  

Each of the units of the curriculum sets forth an investigative, exploratory approach to encountering artists’ tools, materials and ways of thinking.  Each lesson is developed to be easily used by educators, regardless of their previous art experience.  The Creative Minds curriculum is not only aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks and the new Common Core Standards, but it also includes fun and innovative STEM and Literacy extension activities.  It is designed to go beyond viewing and making art and suggests many opportunities to engage parents and build community within your afterschool program as well. 

An overview of the curriculum can be found at

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